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Ecotourism in Mexico: a nature friendly way to travel

Ecotourism, often mistaken as extreme sports, actually consists in visiting relatively undisturbed geographical areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate their natural and cultural attractions, through a process that promotes conservation, and low environmental impact. Ecoturism also encourages the active participation of local people in the planning and distribution of its benefits. The Mexican Caribbean is known for its archaeological wealth and some of its beaches and reefs; however, it is almost unknown in regard to the variety and high scientific interest and its natural heritage.
Ecological Tourism in Mexico
Tourism, professionally organized and effectively targeted to those skilled in the art, can contribute decisively to the preservation of such a rich heritage, enabling visitors to enjoy the natural environment as varied as attractive.
Throughout the length and breadth of the country areas rich in ecological diversity are listed, in the north and northwest is the presence of magnificent desert ecosystems and high mountain forests and coastal regions rich in marine fauna. In central volcanoes major mountain systems with unmatched beauty, accompanied by rich floral and faunal wealth and colonial towns and cities full of tradition and colorful marking up. In the south and southeast Mexico there are areas with exceptional archaeological wealth, forests and gifted perhaps the most biodiverse forests in the country. Coupled with these attributes are located in these areas, extensive beaches of singular beauty and the reef system as the second in the world in this wonderful country like Mexico.
By the way, the benefits of the whole region of Mexico is added, as well as the comfort they provide numerous hotels distributed especially to enable the national and international tourism, enjoy every moment of this natural beauty from the comfort of a room. Let's incorporate this way of travelling to our trips. I am 100% sure we won't regret at all!
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