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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
  By Conrad Swanson The Denver Post Colorado can expect tens of millions from the federal government to plug and restore hundreds of orphaned oil and gas wells out of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that Congress passed last year, government officials said. In all, the infrastructure bil...
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Posted by on in Human Health
Ever since Flint’s water crisis became a national story at the beginning of the year, Hillary Clinton has done everything in her power to own the issue in the Democratic primary, to Bernie Sanders’ detriment. She released a statement on Jan. 11 calling it “unconscionable” that th...
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Posted by on in Lakes/Rivers/Wetlands
The culmination of the five-year project has been the development of an integrated action planning toolkit on wetland conservation and management, which can be adapted to help provide bespoke solutions to protect valuable ecosystems around the globe. Launched today at events in China, India and Vie...
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Posted by on in General Environment
Japan’s government will lead “emergency measures” to tackle radioactive water spills at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, wresting control of the disaster recovery from the plant’s heavily criticized operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) “We’ve allowed Tokyo Electric to deal with the co...
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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
Injecting fluids into the Earth, whether to recover natural gas or to obtain thermal energy from the planet, can cause earthquakes. New reports that look at American fracking, deep waste-water injection and geothermal activities suggest there are big risks and thus a need to develop strong regulator...
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Posted by on in Fossil Fuels
Hydraulic fracturing has been occurring off the coast of California for about 15 years, in the same sensitive waters where all new oil leases were banned since the 1969 Union Oil Santa Barbara spill, the third worst spill in American history. The California Coastal Commission wasn’t even aware the ...
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